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Bag Key Pro Stand 360




Bag kit developed for the EFK-360 or JCK-360 Stand, featuring protection, practicality and durability in an elegant design. Ready to day-to-day use!


1 Bag for the stand tower.

1 Bag for the keybed and stand legs.

 manufactured of plastic cloth and ecology leather

rubber handle

Carpet lining

High density foam inside

Zipper closure pocket number 8

Zipper closure bag number 10

Reinforced handles with rivets

compatible with EFK-360 and JCK-360

1 year guarantee


Protection, Endurance and Durability!


The bags are super resistant with a layer of carpet that in fact protects your stand, but it does not have anti-shock system, they were designed to be a ready-to-go bag, to protect your equipment from scratches and even small crashes, we take no responsability for any damage caused by knocks, bumps and falls of your gear.




* The Warranty of Bags relates to rivets, sewing and zippers. It does NOT cover usual wear and tear.





we wanted to keep you protected in 360º, and we also wanted you to have a custom bag for your instrument.


as we already said,  there is the 360's CUSTOMER SERVICE that we offer to you to order any custom bags!


Thinking in your praticality and confort, we offer the custom made bag service! A bag ready to get manufactured specially for your instrument, rack unity, sequencer, audio interface, whatever you want! We can do it!


To purchase your product use the form bellow to send us a message!

It's important that you inform us about the dimensions and weight, brand and model of you product. So we can quickly send to you a quotation and the delivery deadline.


* The Warranty of Bags relates to rivets, sewing and zippers. It does NOT cover usual wear and tear.





Extention cable for sustain pedal. Thinking about ergonomy and practicality, we developed the EXT1 Extention Cable that will extend your sustain pedal cable up to 2 meters.


We recommend it's being used with the Pro Key Stand 360 EFK-360 and JCK-360.

Like all of the other products of ours, it's ready to spin for you!



P10 professional connectors in 90º

Female P10 jack plug connector X male P10 jack plug connector in 90º

Professional signal cable

Gauge of 2 x 0,20mm

Hand made,  2 x 0,20mm in diameter, and rubber cable

2 meters

1 year guarantee





The classic model, ressistant and hand made! Ready to spin!


LNH90M is a TS non-balanced cable, furbished to attent to your needs in stage and studio.

We use the best and most ressistant cables and connections of their category, that gets the LNH90M to a great cost-benefit.


All cables with the Key Pro Stand 360 seal are handly manufactured in Brazil, rigorously tested, packed and sent to the market!


we recommend the usage of the LNH90M in equipments which don't have any balanced/TRS connections.















The cable LNH9S was developed for the best quality and resistance. This is a cable made to spin, and to provide crystal clear sound in studio or live!


Reasons to choose the LNH90S


Easy to say this, it was simply created for you, keyboard player!



This is a balanced/TRS cable ideal to use with keyboards, mixers and audio interfaces!



Did you know that TRS cables have better performance when they're used on keyboards with balanced/TRS outputs?


Modern keyboards have noise cancelling systems that work when you use balanced/TRS cables.


TRS cables are different from the guitar and bass cables. The balanced/TRS cable has an extra ring - this aditional circle you can see in the Key Pro Cable LNH90S connector




The LNH90S has this extra ring that ensures a clean sound!

TRS standard is frequently used by studios and pro musicians all around the world!






P10 professional connectors in 90∫


Hand made,  2 x 0,20mm in diameter, and rubber cable.


1 year guarantee




*The noise's cancelling feature usage depends of the equipments interconnected by the cable LNH90S. If any issues exist, please check for solutions in the instruction manual, and your gear, if both of them have balanced/TRS outputs jacks.



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*Image merely illustrative.


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